Outstanding Security Performance Recognised at the 2023 Canada OSPAs

Dec 1, 2023News

The 2023 Canada Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) proudly unveiled the exceptional winners who have demonstrated unparalleled excellence in security management and innovation. The virtual awards ceremony, held on November 30, 2023, celebrated the remarkable contributions of outstanding individuals and organizations within the Canadian security industry.

The OSPAs, known for their prestigious recognition of excellence, brought together a distinguished panel of independent judges, comprising leading figures from the Canadian security sector. Nominated by our supporting associations, these experts rigorously evaluated nominees and selected the deserving winners.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to TEAM Software by WorkWave, our headline sponsor, for their invaluable support in making this event possible. Their commitment to advancing the field of security is commendable and has greatly contributed to the success of the 2023 Canada OSPAs.

The 2023 Canada OSPAs Winners:

Outstanding In-House Security Manager/Director
Dwaine Nichol – City of Toronto

As the Director, Corporate Security and Sergeant-At Arms, Dwaine has full proactive and responsive responsibility for the security of 35,000 employees, 1,500 facilities, elected officials and leads the Corporate Security Section of 230 in-house security employees and hundreds of contracted security staff.  Dwaine has implemented a number of enhancements to move the City to a “Future-Ready” security posture, has modernized the approach to shared space security and has made a number of program related enhancements that better protect and prepare the City for emergencies. Judges commented that Dwaine’s focus on improving a number of clearly defined areas through 2023 was what impressed them the most.

Outstanding Contract Security Manager/ Director
Rajeev Tauckoor – Paladin Security

Rajeev Tauckoor is a Senior Client Service Manager with Paladin Security who was tasked with two major projects: tackling security services for one of Canada’s largest pipeline expansion projects and spearheading one of Paladin’s most successful indigenous joint ventures. As project lead, Rajeev displayed thorough planning, continuous communication, regular risk assessment and adaptability, which led to minimal incidents. The project’s success has since become a hallmark of excellence in Paladin’s portfolio, showing the company’s ability to manage large-scale projects in challenging terrains. Judges commented that Rajeev’s scope as a contract security manager/director is significant. Having the opportunity to effectively shape a major project and work with the indigenous community to ensure success is no easy task!

I feel very honored to be recognized as OSPA Outstanding Contract Security Manager/Director. This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support of Paladin Family, and I am truly grateful for that. We have shown that with a shared goal and passion, amazing things can be achieved. I am grateful not just for the recognition but also for the privilege of working alongside exceptional individuals. Here’s to teamwork and the relentless pursuit of excellence!

Rajeev Tauckoor, Senior Client Service Manager

Outstanding Security Team
Corporate Security Section Team – City of Toronto

The Corporate Security Section of the City of Toronto consists of 200 in-house staff and hundreds of contracted Security Guards. The team provides full proactive and reactive security services to over 1000 City properties and 35,000 employees. The team has had many achievements by integrating with and enhancing the safe service delivery of City operations. These achievements include the continuous enhancement of a large security program that provides tangible benefits to employees, visitors, clients, and vulnerable populations. Judges commented that City of Toronto have set their security standard high.  They provide the entire team with the education, direction and support like no other.

Outstanding Security Officer 
Katie Steinhauer – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Katie Steinhauer is an exceptional Security Communications Officer. With unwavering professionalism, she goes beyond expectations to assist others, demonstrating attentiveness and remarkable customer service. Katie’s leadership style speaks volumes, leading by example while fearlessly advocating when needed. As a team player, she readily steps in, working extra hours to support her colleagues. Notably, Katie has developed annual training programs and revamped field training to enhance staff competence. Her influence extends through her team, offering a compassionate ear and assistance to those in need. Katie’s impact is profound, shaping a safer and more caring community at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Judges noted that Katie was an outstanding team member and future leader with innate leadership characteristics.

Outstanding Young Security Professional
Alex Snyder – CIBC

Alex Snyder has showcased exemplary dedication and innovation at CIBC, his innovative efforts in automating security processes and building a chatbot for physical security have set new standards, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations at CIBC. In a challenging field like Corporate Security, Alex stands out as a testament of the efficiency brought forth by innovation.  Judges commented that Alex’s use of modern tools took very labour-intensive tasks and streamlined them, driving results for his organisation – showing how creativity makes a difference in security.

3 years ago a few of us were given the opportunity to build a physical security program from scratch. We had the support of some strong leaders, a team culture focused on continuous improvement and a blank canvas. It’s been 3 years of innovation, building automation in to our day-to-day and challenging the status quo.

It’s been a truly humbling experience working alongside such talented security professionals. I couldn’t have won this award without the support of an amazing team, great leaders and my mentors.

Alex Snyder, PSP | Sr. Manager, Physical Access Services | Corporate Security

Lifetime Achievement
Candyce Kelshall

Candyce Kelshall has extensive experience as a university academic, diplomat, competence-based instructor, lecturer, entrepreneur, police advisor and reservist. Candyce has trained undergraduate and postgraduate security, as well as military and law enforcement courses in over 18 different countries, her teaching record demonstrates a passion for student success. She recently delivered and published findings for a Simon Fraser University’s Big Data Key initiative research grant on “Predicting the Escalation to Violence using Social Media Postings of an Active Hate Group” with co-lead investigators Dr. Ahmed Al-Rawi and Professor Maite Taboada. Candyce is the editor of the peer-reviewed, practitioner focused Journal of Intelligence Conflict and Warfare.

Judges commented that the sheer volume of contributions across multiple organisations and countries is impressive and recognition worthy!

This year’s Canada OSPAs underscore the industry’s dedication to excellence and innovation, showcasing the resilience and commitment of security professionals across the nation. Each winner represents the pinnacle of achievement in their respective categories.

The support of our partnering associations, judges, and media partners, has played a pivotal role in elevating the significance of the OSPAs. Their dedication to fostering excellence and innovation in security management has been instrumental in recognising and celebrating the best in the industry.

In addition, we extend special thanks to Trackforce Valiant + TrackTik for sponsoring the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award. This award, a symbol of enduring dedication and impact in the security sector, reflects the high standards upheld by Trackforce Valiant + TrackTik and their commitment to recognising exceptional contributions.

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